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Email Forwarding

The University is pleased to offer an email forwarding service to all of its Alumni. This service provides you with an Oxford-specific email address which will forward email to your personal email address. or 

To register for your free forwarding email address, please visit the website here.

Alumni Card

Your Oxford Alumni Card distinguishes you as an Oxford Alumnus, and provides a range of discounts and benefits for the card holder.





From exclusive accommodation rates within Oxford through to discounted membership rates at the Royal Institution, the range of benefits is ever-expanding.

For more information, and to request your Alumni Card, please visit the University's Alumni Office website

Current benefits include... 


Benefits and Services for all Oxford Alumni

Alumni of the University of Oxford are able to access an ever-expanding range of benefits and services, from the discounts associated with the Alumni Card through to Careers Guidance and other opportunities for professional development. 

If you would like more information, please visit the website of the University's Alumni Office