Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Current benefits include... 

  • A range of events and opportunities to re-connect with the department as well as former colleagues, lab mates, and tutors. 
  • Periodic, a yearly magazine for chemistry alumni including cutting-edge research stories and alumni updates.
  • Careers guidance and support via the Oxford Careers Service
  • Opportunities to recruit students. For further details or to organise a recruitment event please contact Susan Davis.
  • A chance to support current students through speaking, mentoring or networking.   Please contact Susan Davis if you are interested in being involved with student events. 
  • Departmental tours and visits. 

Benefits and Services for all Oxford Alumni

Alumni of the University of Oxford are able to access an ever-expanding range of benefits and services, from the discounts associated with the Alumni Card through to careers guidance and other opportunities for professional development. 

If you would like more information, please visit the website of the University's Alumni Office